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Going to the beach is surely a special occasion, however, when you reach opt for a couple of your pals or family to bop, sip champagne, and celebrate love, it's better yet. Yup, I'm talking about that beach wedding you've invited with this year.

Of course, you have in mind all the fun you will have while celebrating your chosen newlyweds-to-be, however, you may even be wondering what you're made to wear just like a guest at a beach wedding. Well, fortunately, beach weddings are usually low-key, which means you will want to go for more casual choices—think flowy, floral boho-chic maxi dresses and fun, playful tropical-printed gowns.


You'll also need to think about fabrics. Chances are, you can find sand in than just your toes, and you'll want something lightweight like cotton, satin, or chiffon to keep you cool and dry in the world. Just avoid heavy velvets and embroidered fabrics—they'll trap both sand and also heat white bridesmaid dresses.

Of course, not all beach weddings are the same. Some are small, casual, barefoot-style gatherings although some may be formal and indoors, simply overlooking the water. Others lie somewhere in the middle, however, there is a beach wedding guest dress (plus a jumper option!) relating to this list for almost any type of wedding you may be attending this year. There's a wide enough range here you could feel free to grab several beach dresses to use for the whole time you're on vaca. You can even consider wearing a lot of the options relating to this list to all or any of the non-beach summer weddings you may be attending.


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