Top 4 features of Operating system that students must include in their assignments

Describing the features of an operating system may improve the quality of assignments and help to score higher grades.

An operating system is software that connects a computer’s user to its hardware. An operating system assignment help a student to learn its components, diversity, and portability. You may mention all these attributes and functions like program execution, error detection, and resource protection and can’t score high grades in your assignment. What you forget to highlight are the features. It improves the quality of your assignment contents and helps to score higher grades in operating system assignments.

Security Management

Security management is the notable feature you must mention in your operating system assignment to help the readers understand that you have proper knowledge about the assignment. The operating system uses different methods and techniques to safeguard the system internally and externally from malware attacks. The operating system gives access to applications and programs to carry out their task and prevent unauthorized access. OS uses 3 levels of protection.

  • Network-level
  • System-level
  • File access level   

Process Management

Process management includes operations like creation, scheduling, termination of different processes, and deadlock. Process management is an executing program that plays a key role in new generation operating systems. Mentioning how the operating system uses this program to run different processes smoothly without any time delay and maintaining synchronization among processes shows your depth of knowledge in the operating system.

Memory Management

The operating system uses memory management to handle primary memory and shift to and fro between main memory and disk to perform its operation. Memory management has full control over the operating system memory. It records and updates status about every bit of memory that is used or unused, how much memory is assigned to a process, and at what time it gets freed. If this feature is mentioned in operating system assignment writing it will help readers to get an overview of what memory management does to an operating system.

Device Management

You can get assignment help from device management to improve your assignments as not many students have a clear and detailed knowledge of the I/O controllers. The operating system uses device management to control the communication of various drivers. The device management has an I/O controller to keep a record of all its devices and determine when and for how long which process gets the device.

The kind and quality of content in an assignment is the key factor to get your assignment acknowledged by your invigilator. Describing the features of an operating system may improve the quality of assignment and help to score higher grades.

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